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When are we going to do somthing with this ollerenchaw swanson andrade fagalaro mess.f agalaro is the case of all of this ***. look me up 615 497 5363 my ideas not john ollerenchaw.

Mine michael borruso all of this is my x pigs falt stacy andrade faganaro.i was the one making the deal with christian swanson not john ollerenchaw.christian u realy need to get with ollerenchaw. and pay me im the origantor of all of the oldsmobiel idead.the origanal car was stord at precision collision.whear thay whear coppyed.have swanson call me mike borruso 315 332 0263 swanson im sorry for all of this u no just who did this stach and tony fagalaro.he robed my pig wife and my fortun.with john ollerenchaw that i worked for for 15 years.pleas just helpe me with this.

Realy sombody give this messege to sombody thst will look into the 615 number.and do somthing with john ollerenchaw make them pay me. Im the origantor.o f all of the ideas fix this christian swanson pleas.

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